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Delphin Italia is a company that is always booming and we continue to open concessions all over the Italian territory.
Propose yourself for a candidacy and make a change to your professional life!


Delphin Italia offers the opportunity to people who want to carry out a complementary activity, to be able to work on time and at their own pace.
Without financial support, becoming a Delphin contributor is a good way to make ends meet while working in a friendly and motivating atmosphere.
Whether you are a homemaker, unemployed, a government employee, a retired person or an employee bored by the routine of your job… If human contact is good for you and you are ready to overcome yourself to achieve professional success?

In addition Delphin Italia offers the opportunity to people who want to have a full-time job of being able to work seriously, with passion.
This position is specific to independent people who want to work without pressure.
This rewarding work offers an evolving, fast and unlimited career plan. Lifelong learning allows everyone to achieve their professional and personal goals.

We have several open positions ready just for you! Do you want to manage a team of 4-6 people, pass on its know-how, train new employees, manage stocks and follow customers? Then the Sales Manager is the one for you!
This position is right for all those who want to transmit dynamism, enthusiasm, positivity, with the internal training suitable for everyone, you will have all the credentials to better manage a fantastic team.
The positions of sales managers must be met very quickly.

If you have the qualities to become something more important then we offer you the position of Distributor.
Everyone has the possibility of becoming a corporate manager, managing his own business, increasing his employees, being independent and autonomous.
Our distributors know that the market for well-being, health, allergies, essential oils, home pollution and dust is a growing market. /u>
The creation of a distribution company is fast, with a very strong profitability. To start its distribution company it is without financial risks, without any turnover restrictions imposed to carry out, with the important and permanent support of Staff Delphin Italia.


Want to take part in this wonderful adventure?
Do you also want to distribute an extraordinary and revolutionary product with an exclusive patent?
Do you want to meet pleasant and friendly customers who thank you for coming?

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