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Guarantee of reliability and professionalism consolidated over time.

We have invested in concrete things, protecting and assisting the client.
For this reason, Delphin Italia, is the only importing company of this magnificent and powerful product throughout the national territory

Health First of all

Conventional cleaning systems do not remove dust perfectly by creating whirlwinds around them.

In this way, all the most dangerous substances such as molds, microscopic particles, hairs and many others are hurled into the air creating a problem for those who breathe them and a bad and unhealthy climate.

The wellness of clean air around you…

The Solution to Your Problems

With Delphin you can finally say STOP to Allergies, Mites, Bacteria and all the problems related to domestic pollution.

Innovative System

Delphin revolutionizes the way of cleaning, using a technology based on the natural principle of water.