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Delphin DPS8 Delphin T8

The Revolution in Cleaning

The new Delphin T8 convert spaces
into pleasant environments.

Differences between S8 e T8

  • 70% Less working steps

    Designed to have the essentials and save on unnecessary clutter.

  • 90% less body burden.

    With the new Delphin T8 you no longer need to make unnecessary efforts.

  • 25% less weight.

    The new Delphin T8 is lighter and easier to carry.


Today, to change the water, "Just Twist."

Unlike any other cleaning device with the new Delphin save 60% less time by performing very few steps quickly and easily.
  • Ease of Water Change

    It takes only 5 steps and it's done. Easy and Fast.

  • Just one Click

    Just press the button with your foot and your Delphin will rotate to make it easier to grip the tray.

  • Planned for you

    With Just Twist technology you can finally say no more about back pain.

  • Even cleaner

    With its recesses, the tray is even safer and there is no risk of spilling water on the ground.

The wellness of clean air around you

It cleans with the power of water, not only surfaces, but also the air in the room.

DELPHIN solves these problems at 100%, combining great efficiency with a totally clean air emission, using a technology based on the natural principle of water, and the effectiveness of a special turbine called L-Lamella, exclusive patent of the German parent company “PROAIR GmbH“.
The DELPHIN sucks the dirt through the air, the separator pulls down completely dirt and bacteria in the water with a force to clean and separate everything from the air, emitting in the environment completely clean air, just like the effect of a ” rain”.

This allows for ease of use, practicality, elimination of filters and their replacement or maintenance, maximum hygiene since after use the dirty water is eliminated. The advanced technology of the Delphin also allows a ‘IMPORTANT ENERGY SAVING.
The characteristic of the turbine engine allows to obtain a very powerful and effective suction using less power, necessary for a traditional vacuum cleaner.

Demonstration of a great project and decades-long studies

Less Weight
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Extra Cleaning
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Energy Saving
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More Efficently
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Less working steps
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Winning team. No changing.

Delphin has many accessories to improve the cleaning system and make the environment even healthier and cleaner.

All accessories are available for all versions of the Delphin.

Are you cursious to try it?

If you are interested in learning more about this magnificent sanitizing device and seeing it in action?