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The well-being of clean air around you

Breathing clean air, the lifeblood of every living being, is the cornerstone of our daily well-being.

DELPHIN ITALIA was founded with the aim of establishing itself in the field of ecology by proposing to the market the best way to purify the environment around us.

With our product, the innovative DELPHIN, it will be possible to remove in a “definitive” way the number one enemy of our health and that is dust! It also eliminates unpleasant odors, pollen, and keeps your home clean without having to resort to the use of polluting chemicals.

The evolution of the DELPHIN has a sanitizing capacity equal to 99.9991% compliant with EC regulation no. 745/2017 / EU of class 1 medical devices and from AIRMID in complete safety, what are you waiting for? Book it now and give your body what it has always wanted… the WELLNESS!!!

There are more than 800 harmful compounds present in domestic environments. Among these is the powder, which being nutritious of the mites (parasites of man) is the main responsible for diseases such as allergy, asthma, chronic bronchitis, rhinitis and annoying skin irritations.
Fortunately mother nature has a natural system for air purification that protects us from the negative effects of pollution.
STOP to Allergies, Mites, Bacteria and all the problems related to domestic pollution.

For more than 100 years the vacuum cleaner has been the symbol of home cleaning. Scientific research has shown that traditional cleaning methods are always harmful to health.
In fact, the vacuum cleaner does not clean but removes dust in the environment giving us a clean feeling.
Microfilters are but do not solve the problem on the contrary they favor the formation of molds. The constantly growing phenomenon of household dust allergies is making us reflect on the effectiveness of these traditional systems.
The vacuum cleaners on board even with a high suction, a first sight, would seem to have an important feature that in reality it is not. It does not matter that vacuum cleaners would be able to vacuum them. It is important that the aspirated powders are not re-circulated.
This is why the Delphin has been produced with only water filtering without the use of additional filters.

DELPHIN solves these problems at 100%, combining great efficiency with a totally clean air emission, using a technology based on the natural principle of water, and the effectiveness of a special turbine called L-Lamella, exclusive patent of the German parent company “PROAIR GmbH“.
The DELPHIN sucks the dirt through the air, the separator pulls down completely dirt and bacteria in the water with a force to clean and separate everything from the air, emitting in the environment completely clean air, just like the effect of a ” rain”.

This allows for ease of use, practicality, elimination of filters and their replacement or maintenance, maximum hygiene since after use the dirty water is eliminated. The advanced technology of the Delphin also allows a ‘IMPORTANT ENERGY SAVING.
The characteristic of the turbine engine allows to obtain a very powerful and effective suction using less power, necessary for a traditional vacuum cleaner.

In addition to Aspiration

Optimized Technology

of Extra Cleaning

The innovation of Power

Energy Saving

With the advanced technology of the Delphin

Resolution to your Problems

Combining great effectiveness with a totally clean air emission

Delphin accessories (recent and older)

Delphin has many accessories to improve the cleaning system and make the environment even healthier and cleaner.
All accessories are available for all versions of the Delphin.