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Health first of all

Conventional cleaning systems do not remove dust perfectly,
but mostly they create swirls around them. In this way,
all the most dangerous substances, such as molds, insect feces,
particles of skin and many others are hurled into the air and can create a bad and unhealthy interior climate.

The Issues


Allergy is very dangerous for all those who suffer from respiratory diseases, and if neglected it can become asthma. This reaction of the immune system, which is an allergic reaction called P1 type (immediate hypersensitivity), which is not derived from the house dust itself, but from the faeces of dust mites living inside. The so-called P1 allergy is probably the most important allergen. These mites are very small and invisible to the human eye. Therefore, experienced doctors advise avoiding contact with this allergen.
DELPHIN reliably removes allergens and mites from air, surfaces and mattresses.


Air is an essential element and a fundamental part of our life!
Imagine the freshness experience after the DELPHIN has “washed” the air in your room.

97% of the dust is suspended in the air and can only be seen with the help of sunlight. When you only clean the surfaces, the dust in the air will settle on it again and immediately. The DELPHIN not only removes the visible 3%, but also the remaining 97% almost completely! You will feel more comfortable when the cleaning lingers.

DELPHIN – the fresh way to clean


Up to now, vacuum cleaners, tea towels, microfibre cloths and brooms are widely used in families. When you clean, however, very often on sunny days, you will notice that the dust is only moved and not captured.
The same also on smooth floors. Even if the mop is thick, adhering becomes dirtier and dirtier every time, because the water for cleaning is getting dirtier. The result is unpleasant: the water evaporates and the dirt remains on the floor.

The DELPHIN cleans the air deeply every time you use it, removing dust from the air. The smooth floors are cleaned and dried in one step. Every inch of fresh water!